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Five Tips for Planning A Family Reunion

Family reunions can be a lot of fun, whether you’re getting together with a few siblings or a few hundred extended family members. It’s a chance to reconnect with your roots, your family history, and the stories that will be passed down from generation to generation. Planning a family reunion […]


The Investor’s Guide to Becoming a Landlord

Whether you’re a commercial investor focused on NNN property investments, or a residential property investor focused on a buy-and-hold strategy, you have a lot of things to consider. Becoming a landlord of an NNN property is much easier to deal with as you basically hand over the running of the […]


How to Buy Men's Cleats - Top Things to Consider

Cleats are particularly sports shoes that provide comfort, stability, support, and traction while playing games like soccer, softball & football. Most cleats have different qualities as they are to be used for different sports. If you're a sportsperson and play all sports, you should definitely get a pair of men's […]


Getting Fit Old School Style

How do you stay fit when your goal in life isn’t to work in a circus catching cannonballs, win a triathlon, aim for a gold medal in the Olympics or punch out Sylvester Stallone? Do we all have to look like Mr. Universe to stay fit? For those of us […]

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What Causes Truck Accidents on Highways

The Interstate 35 in Salado, Texas on 2nd April woke up to a catastrophe. Little did Clark Davis know that his life would end this way. An oversize 18 wheeler had slammed into the highway bridge out of nowhere collapsing the support beams which landed on the pick-up truck Clark […]


Choosing Work Outings Your Whole Company Will Enjoy

Finding and keeping quality workers is one of the greatest challenges faced by businesses today. It affects every company from mom-and-pop enterprises with just a few employees to giant corporations. Reducing turnover and stimulating high morale, productivity and teamwork has a powerful impact on long-term costs and profits. Company outings, […]