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Washroom Dispensers, Why and Which Ones?

What did we do before the invention of the dispenser? They not only compliment the aesthetics of modern design, but also keep the washroom clean from clutter whilst making cleaning and good hygiene easier to upkeep. They're a staple piece in any good washroom. CNM Online, the washroom and heating […]

Robots - New Cleaning Technology

New Cleaning Technology In 2018

Well, there is no second opinion that technology has made our lives easy and hassle-free in every sense. Be it getting all the details over a single click or getting a helping hand in the form of a robot, the technology has marked its presence everywhere. Day by day, new […]


Designing a Bathroom for Him and Her

More homeowners are wanting to increase the size of their bathroom when sharing the space with their significant other. His and her bathrooms are an ideal option for those who want more elbow room when it comes to bathing or getting ready in the morning. To design a space that […]