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Smart Home: The Standard House of the Near Future

A Brief History The concept of home automation existed as early as the 1900s, not just in many science fiction stories and novels but also in households. Back then, the concept was merely automating chores such as washing clothes and dishes, cleaning floors, and vacuuming carpets. The appliances that belong […]

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The Smart Homes of Yesterday [Infographic]

Many of us spend our time looking to the future for ideas for innovation and invention, however you’d actually be better off looking into the past. This very interesting infographic-The Smarthomes of Yesterday-is a timeline style image that looks at how technologies have been predicted & created, how they’re currently […]


Iro-The Smart Home Sprinkler System Controller

Iro is a smart irrigation controller that is powered by Rachios intelligent cloud-based software and is controlled through a web-based dashboard and an intuitive Android or iPhone app. Iro can maintain your watering schedule for you when you simply don’t have the time. It will automatically adjust for changes in […]


4 Smart-Home Tech Trends for 2017

If you’ve installed a programmable thermostat or home camera system, you’ve taken the first steps toward having a “smart home”—but that’s only the beginning. In fact, recent technological advances, improved integration, and more intuitive systems made 2016 a banner year as record numbers of consumers added smart-home features to existing […]

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7 Costly Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid

In theory, buying a home should be fun and exciting. But for many people, in reality it’s stressful, tedious, and worst of all: excessively costly. We’re not talking a few hundred bucks here. We’re talking tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars — and probably a lifetime of financial […]

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7 Main Steps to Secure your Home Wireless Network

The world is quickly turning into a global village, thanks to technological innovations like digitization and the internet of things (IoT). In the same breath, many households today feature Wireless Home Network (Wifi) connectivity via routers for Internet access. A Home Wireless Network brings unequaled convenience in Internet access and […]