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Elliott Wave Theory

The ebb and flows of the market, have been analyzed for decades, and one technical analysis theory that can be used to evaluate the bigger picture of where the market is going is Elliott Wave Theory. This concept was developed by R.N. Elliot. Waves reflect sentiment along with fear and […]

Services – Short Review

If your favorite pastime is watching movies and TV series of your choice, then this streaming movies website – – might prove a great addition, presenting you with a collection of entertaining creations and a variety of popular productions. This website will save you from driving to the nearest […]


Great Resignation: What is it? How to stop it?

Get to know how to build a corporate culture that minimizes employee turnover. We will also provide some examples of activities applied in IT companies that have been struggling with talent shortages for years now. Great Resignation – what is it? Mass job exit has made a name for itself […]