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Why You Need to Recycle Your Car

There are roughly 12-15 million vehicles that make their way to come under the category of junk car every year because of a number of reasons like engine failure, old age or crash damage. Owing to the fact that any standard car contains around 65% iron and steel by weight […]


Steps in the Car Manufacturing Process

The design and building of an automobile is a long process that can take approximately 72 months. It begins with sheets of metal. The building of a car often involves scrap metal that has been recycled. Classic cars were built by hand by artisans who took pride in their work. […]


How Welding Works for Beginners

When most people hear the term "welding" they probably picture a guy wearing a medieval-looking mask, holding a blow torch to a giant piece of metal while sparks fly all around him. While this isn't completely off, it doesn't take into account the huge role that welding plays in industrial […]