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Roofers - Which Ones to Avoid

Here is a fun guide of what to avoid when choosing a roofing service. A brother with no cover He's friendly, down-to-earth, calls you his ‘mate'. Behind this over-friendliness lies a darker side. This guy is uninsured. He's used to cutting corners and your safety is one place he's […]


How The Climate in Michigan May Affect Your Roof

Different seasons bring different challenges for your roof which it must be able to withstand to last longer. It is well known that the climate of Michigan, with rainy weather in summer and stormy snows in winter, can cause severe damage to the roof of your house. However, it is your responsibility […]


Tips for Roof Storm Damage Repair in Macomb County

Situated in the eastern part of Michigan state, Macomb County is characterized by a cold climate with long and snowy winters, and predominantly wet weather during summers. The sudden changes in temperature and weather conditions are not uncommon. This, on the other hand, can severely affect the roof of your house. […]