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How To Restore A Classic Car Like A Pro

So you have a classic car and you want to restore it. You’ll be happy to know that restoring a classic car is fairly easy – you just need to have some time and a budget. Don’t expect the restoration process to be inexpensive, because you’ll need various auto parts […]


How to Restore Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn window designs are a good alternative to the conventional casement windows. Although the design originated from Germany, these window designs are rapidly gaining huge popularity across the entire Europe and US regions. How it works Tilt and turn windows need to be tilted to an angle of […]


How to Restore the Classic Start Menu in Windows 8

With Windows 8, Microsoft wanted to make sure the Start screen is the only option for users to navigate thru programs and computer settings and completely removed the Classic Start menu. I can't understand the thinking behind completely removing the start menu in favor of Metro. However, a large majority […]


How to Restore a System Image in Windows 8

In case of a fully damaged Windows installation, you need to restore it from a backup image. In a previous article I covered how to make a backup image. To restore a system image in Windows 8, the first thing is to start the computer in System Recovery Console mode. […]


How to Create a Restore Point in Windows 8

System Restore is a very useful feature in Microsoft Windows systems. It allows user to revert the computer to a state it was in a previous point in time. The restoration process is needed when, for example, a bad or uncertified software causes problems to the system or a bad […]