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How to Switch Birth Control Pills Properly?

When it comes to birth control, the pill is often the favorite option for most women because they are both effective and easy to use. However, the variety in type and brands mean that, at some point, you may wish to switch from one to the other. Nevertheless, all pills […]


Is there a Best Age to Get Pregnant?

When we decide on a lot of things in our life, age plays a major role. Be it education, graduation, job, passion, marriage and a lot more we always what it to happen at the right age. So what is the right age here? It is the socially accepted point […]


Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking Today

Everyone knows the big, major risks of smoking and, by being something of a broken record, it can sometimes reduce the impact these messages have on existing smokers and those trying to ditch the habit. We're all well aware that smoking can cause everything from heart disease to lung cancer […]