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Properties of Tea: The Benefits and Harm

Health and longevity are not given to anyone just like that, people need to strive to achieve and maintain it with their lifestyle choices and start as early as possible. A proper way of life is the main tool in having good health. This concept includes physical activity, a positive […]

Real estate

Dubai Creek Harbour by Emaar Properties

Located less than 15 minutes from Downtown Dubai, Dubai Creek Harbour is well and truly on its way to becoming the new center of Dubai. Featuring the world’s tallest tower and the new world’s biggest mall this mega development covering a whopping 6 sq km will be a pioneer of […]

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TDI Properties

People and companies with ownership of multiple properties will need to hire a property management service in order to ensure that their properties are properly maintained. In some cases, these properties will be rented. In other cases, they will be left vacant for a portion of the year, with the […]