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Streamlining nephrology billing processes for improved revenue capture

Nephrology billing depends on revenue capture. Revenue capture helps nephrology clinics pay for operations, technology, infrastructure, and staff, and provide excellent patient care. Code and document nephrology services to optimize income. It records all billable services and procedures, preventing revenue leakage and optimizing reimbursement. Revenue capture helps nephrology practices avoid […]


Implementing TBM & ITSM processes in ServiceNow

You spend a lot of time working with the top businesses in the energy sector and beyond in our consulting practice. Although we have historically concentrated predominantly on business solutions, we are now beginning to spend as much time on how our clients implement IT as on what solution is […]


How To Streamline Your Business Processes

When you own a business or are working at a business, you should be constantly figuring out how to make processes easier. It doesn’t matter if it involves billing, human resources, management, or workflow – you should be focused on anyway to increase productivity that you can, and make sure […]


3D Modelling and Digitizing of Old-school Processes

Digitalising of schools has become a fast-growing trend. From chalkboards to an interactive whiteboard, notebooks to tablets, classes have now been transformed. New technologies have changed the experience of old schools and have wavered the pen paper method of teaching to digitally interactive and advanced classrooms. “Parents are now more […]


The Processes of Managerial Control

The basic elements of the control process in an organisational setting are simple and straightforward. Each of these basic components involves important managerial attention and decisions. The processes of managerial control include:Establish standards Measure performance Compare performance against standards Evaluate results (of the comparison) and, if necessary, […]


The Origin and Rise of E-Processes

E-processes effectively rose in the wake of e-finance, which began with the development of several disparate elements, many of which were developed in isolation. As these individual elements progressed, they began to be tied together in networks. As these networks then in turn developed, transforming business models and interactions amongst […]

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Why Outsource Business Processes

There is so much thought, effort and planning that goes into a business. It is the culmination of a wide range of business processes that make a business work, and if even one of them is not performing at its peak, all of the others will suffer for it. Businesses […]