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Wheelchair Lifts: 5 Common Questions

If you have limited mobility, you may use a wheelchair or scooter to help you get around. It is easy using the scooter in your house, but you will also need help getting around outside of your house. You may need to go shopping, run errands, visit your doctor or […]


Are Air Purifiers Worth an Investment?

Air Purifiers are marketed heavily. But are these worth an investment. With the persistent smog over major Indian cities, could these products provide respite from allergies and pollution? Air pollution isn't limited to the car exhausts or the smoke that's emitted from the factories. It includes pollen, mold, spores, dust […]


Here are Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad

GIFTEveryone knows the struggle of trying to find a gift for your dad that should be significant. The hassle of looking for a gift is tiresome; without proper knowledge, you will buy an ineffective one. Every dad has their own taste and passion, which makes it hard to look for […]