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How To Get Your Tot Hooked On Music!

Whether or not you perform music, whether you’re a virtuoso or a beginner, and even if you just enjoy listening to music, if you have children, chances are your relationship with music is going to have some effects on their early development of language and memory. Whether or not you […]


The Best Apps for Music Degree Students

Studying for a degree, whether in school or online, such as an online MME degree from Kent State University, is challenging. In many ways, creative degrees such as music give you more to worry about. Not only is there money, deadlines, exams and the pressures of meeting new people and […]

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Why You Cannot Have a Wedding without Music

When preparing music for your wedding, there are various factors that need to be considered. During the wedding ceremony, some couples prefer to choose the music or hire professional singers. DJs and bands are popular options for wedding receptions, which are generally more flexible and less formal. Music Planning Planning […]