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Types of Stick on Phone Wallets

A stick on phone wallet is one such mobile accessory that is garnering the interest of the youth as well as the aged people alike. This is mainly because it helps in carrying essentials such as cash and cards conveniently wherever we go. You just need to stick it on […]

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Reasons to Switch to an iPhone 5

The mobile industry is booming and since the customers nowadays treat mobile not just as a mere necessity but a companion of their daily lives, the demand for better efficient mobile phones is on the rise. There are a wide range of mobile phones to choose from but despite the […]

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A Review of CUBOT S222 Smartphone

In today’s ever-growing dependency on social media and those devices catered to social media, especially smart phones which offer high resolution still shots as well as video capturing capabilities, consumers are encouraged not to settle for anything but the best. The CUBOT S222 13 megapixel smart phone offers capabilities not […]


Alternatives to PBX or Hosted Phone Systems

In today's business world, everyone's looking for some way to get ahead. Whether that means cutting costs in seemingly unimportant areas, or finding new, cheaper, more exciting means to fix everyday problems, there's always someone looking for a way up the ladder, and this includes phone systems. Because of rising […]