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SMIR.CH Launched by Gnosis Media Group

The Google SMS search service was a great way to search for information using any mobile phone. All you needed to do was type a few text based commands followed by a query word and Google would return back a text providing the information you were looking for. This service […]


Student Loans: Which Loan Can I Consolidate?

College can be some of the best years of your life. For many young people, it is a time to gain independence, make friends and prepare for your future career. Higher education can teach you the skills you need to land your dream job, but for most, a college education […]


Religion In Education: What Is Right?

When it comes to topics within education that provoke debate, faith schools are always bubbling away, with the occasional newsworthy event causing ripples at the surface (take the Deputy PM securing a place for his eldest son at a top-ranking Catholic comprehensive, for example). Here in the UK, faith schools […]