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Brand Promotion

How To Use UGC For Brand Promotion?

In this digital era, have you purchased a product before reading a review? I don’t think so. Gone are the days when people buy products based on brand marketing. Reading reviews on e-commerce websites, before making a buying decision, has become an important aspect. Do you know why? The consumers […]


How to Use Sales Acceleration Technology in 2016

Do you want to close the content loop between sales and marketing? If yes, then you will need to create a solid yet repeatable sales procedure. The CRM platforms are designed to help you organize and manage this whole process better. These platforms promise you the visibility and ability to […]


The World’s Most Expensive Pens

With the emergence of new devices like smart phones and tablets, it's easy to assume that not as many people today use pens as much as back then. However, the beautiful thing about pens is that they have proven to be not only a reliable writing instrument but also a […]