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The Steps in Drafting and Writing an Essay

A. Preparation of the subject (teacher guidance) In order to write an essay, students should be taught to carefully study the concepts and issues related to the topic. In order to understand the concepts, examples will be selected that will help to understand and reveal the subject of the essay. It is important to correctly […]


Filling a Provisional Patent Application

The process for patenting a creation is rather simple. An inventor records a document, a ‘patent application,’ with the patent agency that describes a state-of-the-art product or process. An ‘examiner’ at the patent organization then defines whether or not the invention designated in the patent application is ‘new as well […]


Basic Steps to Write Killer Articles

Get yourself your favourite drink, relax and then read on as we uncover the simple steps to writing and publishing killer articles. Remember-don't be scared by the word ‘article'. I have come across people who think that an ‘article' is beyond them and that ‘articles' are the reserve of trained journalists […]