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The Future of the Herb Industry is Bright

Meeting the demand for a personalized approach to healthcare is revolutionizing marketing, delivery, and direct-to-consumer education for nutritional supplements. The exponential growth rate of US health industries is supported by advances in technology that allow companies to meet personal health needs. Dietary supplement sales increased steadily by about 10% in […]


The Truth About the Food Guide Pyramid

The United States Department of Agriculture has been telling Americans how to eat since 1894, when it issued its Farmers' Bulletin that said men should eat a diet comprised of protein, carbohydrates, fats and "mineral matter." For the latter part of the 20th century, the granddaddy of dietary guidelines was […]


Natural Ways to Cut Fat and Look Slim

Obesity is a term that is used for obese. Fat individuals that are being affected by having additional body weight are called obese individuals in healthcare terms. Obesity is a serious problem of modern times because due to this problem, various illnesses are being started. BMI is shortened from the […]