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How Life Insurance Protects a Remortgage?

Reasons to Use a Remortgage A remortgage is a mortgage used to pay off your current mortgage and is something that everyone should consider during their mortgage repayment period. But why? The first reason to use remortgage is to save money. Because mortgages are usually for a long period, a […]


Mortgage Protection Insurance Cost

Mortgage protection insurance (MPI) can provide an excellent safety net for your home if you lose your income due to job loss, disability or an illness. If you are looking to take out an MPI policy, it’s good to know a few things beforehand. First, it’s important to understand that […]


What Happens When a Mortgage Goes to Underwriting?

Underwriting is the structured process by which financial institutions like banks and lenders determine and price the risk posed by potential borrowers in repaying a mortgage loan. Essentially, it is a systematic and detailed analysis of a borrower’s creditworthiness. The mortgage underwriting process consists of many stages from information gathering […]


How to Become a Mortgage Broker in NZ

What does a Mortgage Broker do? Mortgage brokers are professionals who assist people in purchasing a house or property. Among the many services they provide to a buyer, the mortgage broker will assess their client’s financial situation, discuss their goals, explain the requirements necessary to help achieve the goal, and […]


Should You Get Long Term Care Insurance?

Many of us Baby Boomers have had to take care of our parents and have seen the devastating financial and emotional effects our parents having to deplete a lifetime of saving and investing to pay for these very costly (and necessary) long term care expenses. Long term care insurance is […]


Reverse Mortgages 101

There are so many mortgage products on the market, it’s hard to keep all of the options straight. Reverse mortgages are one of the options that are a bit of a mystery to most people. This guide will provide an enlightening overview as to what reverse mortgages are, the options […]