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Choosing the Right Juicer for You

Juicers have been becoming more popular recently and for good reason. They provide you with a high concentration of nutrients with relatively little effort. These machines have made it easier for you to fulfill your daily fruit and veggie requirement. This helps people maintain a healthy diet and a healthy […]


What Are The Main Benefits Of Eating Lemon?

Every single nutritionist out there will tell you that there are many health benefits that are associated with consuming lemons. It is very important that you are careful and that you learn all that you can about this fruit. Sono Bello highlights the importance in many situations and that is […]


How to Treat Stretch Marks and Cellulite

Women aren’t the only ones who suffer from cellulite and stretch marks. Men can suffer from both, too but men’s bodies are less scrutinized than women’s. Cellulite and stretch marks are two common issues that can cause a woman to feel insecure with her body. Surgery, store-bought topical creams, and […]