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When The Hospital Gets It Wrong

Hospitals are there to take care of you. They are meant to help you get over your health concerns and to aid your recovery. They are not meant to cause a decline in your health or worsen any condition you’re dealing with. However, that’s exactly what happens in far too […]


Are IoT and Hospitality the Best Package for Hotels?

The lodging and leisure industry is reinventing itself constantly. To stay in the competition with higher profits is the aim of every hotel. Hence, designing an exclusive marketing strategy to exhaust the threatening competition requires tremendous brainstorming. The in-depth analysis generated from these sessions points to a change in trend. […]


The Future of Hospitality Wifi

The technology landscape of today is swarming with consumers who demand speedy, reliable Wi-Fi. The hospitality spaces have warmed up to this trend to provide consistent and efficient internet access to all the travelers. Gone are the days when hotel Wi-Fi was just a means to connect guests to the […]


Things to Remember while Choosing Hospital Stretchers

Stretchers form one of the prime needs in hospitals, the basic apparatus for moving the patients in need for care. Choosing the stretcher is one of the most critical concerns when it comes to expansion of your facilities or replacement of existing equipment. The availability of various alternatives makes choosing […]


Can a Hospital Stay Make You Sick?

There are a variety of different reasons why you may end up having to stay at the hospital. For some people, a hospital stay is required due to illness, injury, or disease. For others, it may be due to a wellness visit or a specific type of treatment, such as […]