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Real estate

How to Buy Property in Sharjah

Sharjah is a shining gem in the United Arab Emirates right now, many expats want to know how to buy property in Sharjah responsibly. Before anything else, it’s important to understand the different designations of expatriates in the UAE, which have a significant impact on who can purchase property and […]

BoHo chic style bedroom

Decorating a Room in BoHo Chic

BoHo chic has never been more in vogue, so anyone thinking of decorating their room in a Bohemian style will have plenty of options for expressing their taste. While BoHo can work anywhere in the house, it’s particularly popular for living rooms and bedrooms. The first rule of BoHo is […]


Ideas for Decorating and Empty Wall

No wall looks great empty, if it's not equipped with a door or window all you have is a bare and lonely piece of structure just going to waste. If you are sick of your house looking stark and boring things can easily be spiced up with creative wall art. […]