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What Makes Angular JS the Foremost Framework?

The framework has become a rebellion of complexities in the web development process. Need to overcome the challenges of web development or need to cater to your technological needs? AngularJS is here to provide. And aren’t we all looking to hold onto something that makes our lives complicated? That’s why […]


Useful Frameworks for Python

On the last years, Python’s popularity among developers has been growing steadily. According to GitHub, it stands now as the 3rd most used language, thanks to its ease of use for higher-level programming in machine learning and data analysis projects. In fact, the search for developers skilled in this language […]

best javascript framworks 2019
Web design

Top JavaScript Frameworks that Rocked 2019

Selecting a best Javascript framework for your project can be a tricky work to do. Every year new frameworks are gaining popularity but that doesn’t mean that the old ones will lose their significance. It is imperative to choose the right platform for your project. However, popularity is not the […]

React vs Angular

React vs Angular: Which Java Framework is Better?

Technology seems to solve many challenges that companies had been facing for so long. We have so many choices that we almost get confused about choosing the right one. This goes same with choosing the right Java Framework for web application development. There are many frameworks available but it’s two […]


6 Commonly Used Machine Learning Frameworks

I think everyone would agree – our brain is one smart supercomputer. A task that is as simple as crossing the street is so automatic for us humans because our brain acts like a super-intelligent autopilot. When you cross the street, your brain automatically looks for oncoming vehicles. Judging by […]


What is The Open Group Architecture Framework?

The Open Group Architecture program is basically a framework that is mainly concerned with providing approaches for planning, implementing, designing as well as governing the enterprise IT architecture. It is considered to be a high-level approach in the context of designing. TOGAF is basically modelled at four levels, likely standardisation, […]