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6 Lighting Hacks for a Healthy Lifestyle

In summers, we bask under the natural light, oftentimes, the luxury of it all seems too easily accessible to be cherished thoroughly – one of the much-unappreciated benefits of healthy natural lighting. The sweet chill of winter beckons a path for approaching dim natural light – disinclines us to take […]

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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Fluorescent Lamps to LED

The fluorescent fixture is one of the traditional lighting options with multiple applications in warehouses, commercial spaces, outdoor and general room lighting. These days, however, out of more advanced lighting fixtures, fluorescent lamps seem to have some disadvantages. For instance, low-temperature sensitivity, relatively high in price, even higher energy consumption, […]


LED Lighting Technology: The Basics

What is LED lighting? A LED light is a light-emitting diode (LED) based product that is fixed into a light bulbs for use in lighting sources. They utilize slightly less energy than CFLs and lighting brands claim LEDs last 20,000 to 50,000 hours. That is around 18 to 46 years […]


Main Benefits of Using Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Using fluorescent light bullishness more environmentally friendly choice to using traditional incandescent bulbs. The fluorescent lights can be used in fixtures that previously held incandescent ones. The main features of these bulbs are the spiral shape and soft white light. Most importantly, the fluorescent lights help people save energy and […]

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The Benefits of Induction Lighting

The easy availability and cheap cost of power has lead to its wastage in huge amounts in the past times. We have been using the lights to such an effect that even the satellite pictures of earth shows more lights then darkness. Light pollution has reach to alarming levels and […]


Lighting The Dark Corners

Your new house must be the masterpiece, one of a kind. And you surely must have thought all about its furnishing, its wall colours, the tile designs, the complete structural layout, and every little arrangement you can think of, related to the house. There must be plenty of ventilation, and […]

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Tips for Starting a Green Business

Starting a new business is an exciting undertaking, but what do you do if you want to start a business with a focus on being green? People are more conscious of the environment than ever before, and today’s students who come out of an online MBA degree program are looking […]


Becoming an Energy Efficient Business

For many businesses, energy efficiency is one of those time-consuming, zero-return activities which are the first to be abandoned whenever the phone rings. Though this is understandable, the truth is that most businesses could affect at least a 10% saving via low-cost, and no-cost, means. Translated into balance-sheet figures, a […]