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Reasons Why You Should Have an Auto Insurance Policy

If a vehicle is designed, manufactured, and primarily used for commercial purposes, it typically must be covered by a commercial auto policy. These policies often have higher liability limits than personal auto insurance. Employees driving a car on business might be exposed to a significant lawsuit without a commercial auto […]


Things to Consider Before Buying a Towing Truck

Towing service is considered mandatory in countries where traffic laws are essential to follow or you have to face severe consequences in case of violation. You can see various towing trucks moving on roads transferring vehicles from one place to another. You must have noticed that different types of trucks […]

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What Causes Truck Accidents on Highways

The Interstate 35 in Salado, Texas on 2nd April woke up to a catastrophe. Little did Clark Davis know that his life would end this way. An oversize 18 wheeler had slammed into the highway bridge out of nowhere collapsing the support beams which landed on the pick-up truck Clark […]