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How to Display a Flag in an Effective Way?

Whether it’s a national flag or flags used in marketing campaigns, it must be displayed appropriately with the proper indoor and outdoor poles for maximum effectiveness. Displaying any national flag has its own laws and regulations to maintain. Failing to comply with that may result in fines and other punishments. […]


4 Promotional Ideas for New Businesses

Opening a new business always comes with one massive obstacle: obtaining enough customers to stay in business during the first year. Most new businesses fail within the first twelve months, making it important to gain loyal customers quickly. Once the customer base begins to build, the business finds it much […]


Business Promotion Needs Publicity

Famous international brands get free publicity every day. It is the return on investment that they have made to get to a position whereby their names or logos are immediately recognisable. If there is any news coming from the parent companies involved, it often results in editorial comment and articles […]

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Top 21 Free Magento Extensions

Magento Connect offers its customers more than 4500 extensions right now and the number of modules is also increasing with every passing day. However, at times it becomes very difficult for merchants to find the right free extensions to start up an online store. That is why; we have listed […]


How Logos Help Develop a Brand

Logos are essential to help reinforce the identity and branding of a business. As a business promotes its products and services, the logo helps to raise awareness and increases brand recognition. A distinctive logo that used on products, marketing materials and packaging becomes an advertising tool of its own. As the brand […]