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5 things I wish I knew before exhibiting…

With an event as complicated and fast-paced as the exhibition, no number of internet guides is sufficient to truly prepare you for its reality. Turning up and partaking of the exhibition’s theatrics is the only way to grow accustomed to this unique business/social event, in which so much happens in […]

B2B Exhibition
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How to prepare for your next B2B Exhibition

Exhibitions and trade shows are perfect opportunities to showcase your brand, launch new products, attract new customers and network. They are a very traditional form of marketing but still work very well in helping smaller companies get a space to show off who they are and why customers should use […]


Taking Care of Your Exhibition Stands

If you attend a lot of tradeshows and exhibitions, then you may think about buying your own exhibition stands instead of hiring them. This can save you a substantial amount of money in the long term and is something that you should consider investing in if you regularly attend and […]


Advice on Planning an Exhibition Display

Exhibition displays provide an invaluable opportunity for business organizations in any industry, enabling them to create a retail experience that effectively brings the customers to them. What’s more, it’s a retail experience that makes the customer or potential client feel as if they are in the driving seat, without all the […]