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Data security

Data Protection for Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Last month,I wrote an article about different steps that people should take in safeguarding their personal information online. With a spate of recent data breaches at large companies, it’s no surprise that data security is on the top of everyone’s mind. But protecting one’s real-life safety when engaging on digital […]


An Overview on Domestic Violence

The law in California considers domestic violence as a crime. According to the criminal code section 273.5, accused are required to criminal penalties which include imprisonment and a participation in a 52 week batterer's treatment program. In order to meet the criteria, injuries has to be visible, couple must be […]


Domestic Growing vs. Commercial Growing

Although domestic and commercial growing of any type of plants, fruit and veg seem to do the same thing, they have completely different objectives and thus need different criteria and environments. We will try and outline what both involve and some of the advantages and disadvantages of both. We hope […]