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Real estate

7 Traits to Avoid in a Real Estate Agent

We’ve all heard stories about wonderful real estate agents who are really there for their clients; and if you’re buying or selling a home, this is likely something you want to experience. But do you know how to separate the best agents from the worst? There are a few things […]


Corporate Event Planning in NYC

Planning a corporate event or any type of business function takes a whole lot of hard work. This is primarily because there are lots of details involved in making an event go off without a hitch. Therefore, for individuals who would like to have the successful event without the hassle, a corporate […]


How to Be Successful as a Dental Assistant

The dental field, like so many fields in the health care profession, is in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, this chosen career is growing "much faster than the average" in today's job market. This is great news! With today's job market as it is and unemployment up, […]


Careers in Transportation that Don't Require a CDL

Not every career in the transportation industry requires a CDL (Commercial Driver's License). For those who don't want to or cannot drive the big rigs, there may still be a place for you in the transportation industry. While all jobs in transportation require an understanding of how the industry works, it is […]