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12 Colors and Their Use in the Interior

Want to redecorate your home? Then you have a great opportunity to step back from the standards and experiment with colors. Since they have a psychological effect on our body, mind, and emotions, some colors are better suited for the interior than others. Green Green is a very soothing color […]


7 Health and Fitness Tips Every Woman Should Follow

Women have challenging roles, biologically as well as socially. The physical and mental labor of women, while often unaccounted for in casually sexist setups of the economy- such as the GDP- fail to find their well-deserved place. Women multitask like maniacs working at home and their jobs, managing immaculately well […]

Debt and credit

Mental Health and Credit Repair

Mental Health has a detrimental impact on people living with debt in their lives. We all know the financial problems that exist when in debt but not many people discuss the darker side that impacts so many of us. How Does Credit Card Debt Affect Mental Health? According to an […]


What does a color say about your brand?

Look around. Our life is colorless and we don’t even notice that. No, it’s not a depressing post, it’s a common truth and a well-known fact. Colors exist only in our heads. They are subjective visual phenomena that depend on the way we perceive visual concepts. That’s why different colors […]