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Strategies for Murder Defence

Everyone is familiar with the word murder. Due to the popularity of different crime shows, this has become a commonly used word. However, if you ask the general people about the definition of murder, most may admit ignorance. Murder refers to unlawful taking life of a human being. Unlike US, […]


David, Goliath and The Atlantic Divide of Defamation Law

Earlier this month, a 64-year old British expat, a private individual and keen amateur scuba diver took on America’s flashiest and most outspoken playboy billionaire in a heavily publicised defamation claim, and the billionaire won. Bringing the case in California, Vernon Unsworth, the Claimant, sought damages in relation to a […]


Emerging Technologies in the Australian Courts

The growth of technology has created an expansion in the fields of knowledge which are the subject of ‘expert evidence’ in the Australian courts. Experts are now regularly called upon to give opinions about advancing technologies including encryption, and digital innovations like Bitcoin. While witnesses can only generally testify about […]


A Guide to Avoiding a Driving Suspension

There are those who simply love the feeling of being behind the wheel, then there are those who rely on their vehicle for work, and many Australian motorists fall into both the above categories. As we all know, there are zillions of rules and regulations for the modern road user […]


Useful Guide for Finding the Best Lawyer for Your Case

Most people have come to associate lawyers with the high and mighty in the society. Lawyers don’t come cheap and in an attempt to keep their operating cost as low as possible, individuals and organizations avoid seeking legal counsel when making crucial decisions regarding their businesses and personal life. The […]


The Rights of a Witness in the UK

A witness in the UK has special rights which can be entirely explained by a local defence solicitor. This is a particular status which can help the defence in the Magistrates’ Court in the UK. It is good to know that the witness of a crime will receive extra attention […]


6 Home Remedies For Whooping Cough

Whooping cough or also known as Pertussis is infectious disease caused by Bordetella pertussis bacterium. It’s onset symptoms may be assemble with flu such as fever, running nose and mild cough. If leaving untreated, patients will be attacked by the contentious high-pitched cough fits and may lead to more serious […]