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Personal finance

Financial Tips & Tricks For Parents

Having a happy family and a full household is a wonderful feeling, but it certainly can take its toll financially. Life is expensive as a parent and even those that earn an above-average salary can have financial concerns when you factor in mortgage/rent payments, feeding an entire family, utility bills, […]

Personal finance

Get Online and Start Saving Money

How do you go about saving money? For some people, it is easier said than done. Some individuals have a knack for putting money away or even finding the best deals online. Speaking of deals, how good are you at catching a bargain when you can? Whether wanting to buy […]

Data security

5 Tips to Protect Your Device from Malware

There has been an increasing number of mobile malwares as cybercriminals find a way to earn money. There are different malwares; some malwares gather sensitive data such as account numbers and passwords while others monitor banking transactions. Someone who uses their device for work like accessing corporate network or sending […]