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Emerging Trends for BYOD in 2014

Throughout 2013, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies gained a certain amount of prominence. This was either because companies saw the opportunity to increase cost-saving measures or because employees were finding a way to use consumer technology whether the company allowed it or not. In fact, some estimates say that […]

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The Biggest Ships on the Planet

Ships are immense pieces of technology, giant, floating testaments to mankind's great achievements in engineering and construction. They have achieved almost mythical prowess, like the white whale, and inspire awe among all who see them. They have granted humanity the ability to do something that would otherwise be impossible - […]

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Seniors And Real Estate: What To Know

Baby Boomers sure know how to draw attention to themselves, don't they? At every stage of their lives, this generational group has left a distinctive imprint on American society - from the massive swarm of babies that marked their arrival, to their incendiary days of youthful rebellion in the ‘60s, […]