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What’s Next for the UK Economy After PM Theresa May Resigns?

British Prime Minister Theresa May is resigning. Sir Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee, an 18-member executive committee of the Conservative Party charged with the responsibility of overseeing the election (and removal) of party leaders, released a letter yesterday, 16 May 2019, announcing the Prime Minister’s intention of stepping […]


The Evolution of Technology in the Legal Sector

From using paper and pens to researching various legal cases on the internet, the legal industry has undergone technical transformations in recent years. The theory “Transform the practice of law for good” has become a bandwagon for law firms across the globe. The impact of technology is both propitious and […]

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How To Bring Your Startup To Accelerators

Startups have become a truly hot niche in business. Due to their innovative approach and fresh ideas, startups attract more and more investors who are willing to develop this business. However, it is still hard to find a proper investor or a group of investors, mostly because of the widest […]


CEO Roles Differ in Large and Small Companies

The CEO is mainly responsible for creating a vision for the company, and aligning the internal and external functioning of the company to this vision. Typically, it is also the company CEO’s job to handle top level external relationships in a manner that helps the business of the company, and […]


Top 5 Most Influential Gardeners in London

Garden design is the art or the process of creating beautiful plans for layout and planting of gardens and landscape. This beautiful design of gardens is achieved through gardeners who have some special skills and expertise in horticulture and the principles of design. In a professional and standard garden design, […]

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Can Lagos 2060 Inspire a Generation of Africans

Lagos 2060 is a sci-fi collection that looks at the Nigerian city of Lagos exactly a century after Nigeria became an independent country. Inspired by DADA books, via a creative writing workshop in Lagos, Ayodele Arigbabu, DADA’s Foundation Director, said that the 2013 collection wasn’t just a case of “aesthetic […]


Lessons from Africa’s Advanced Mobile Networks

The evolution of mobile networks across the African continent, and how countries here have leveraged technological advances to improve quality of life of the locals, can teach a lesson or two to developed nations that are already seasoned users of high-speed wireless connectivity and high-tech mobile devices. With mobile penetration […]