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How Is Qatar Reacting To E-commerce?

Today, only if you’re in dire need of a commodity, then you go out to buy it immediately. But if you have a gestation period for the requirement, you use the applications on your mobile phone or laptop to order it. Be it groceries, clothes, appliances, or anything else – […]


How has Lending Changed over the last Decade?

Just over ten years on from the collapse of Northern Rock, the chaos and financial crisis that followed will never be forgotten. In order to prevent a repeat incident there was a big clampdown on risky banking practices and improvement of lenders’ reserves. Lending has changed in many ways due […]

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Top 7 Places to Visit in Asia

Are you thinking of visiting the Asian continent on your next trip? Do you have an idea of the places to visit that will make your trip memorable? Below you are the answers to your questions and much more regarding Asia. 1.      Penang Penang city is found in the state […]