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How to Start an SEO Campaign without Experience

Link building is an essential SEO tactic when you are trying to increase your company’s ranking in the search results.  However, it can be difficult to achieve especially when you have to adhere to Google’s policies on linking.  Violate those and you could face a manual or algorithmic penalty which […]

What Role Does Logo Designing Play in Creating Brand Image

Ways to make a logo

Logo is a Greek concept and literally translated it means “word” and “imprint”. This sign is the face of the organization, distinguishes it in a huge number of similar ones, in a certain niche in the market. The main functions of the trademark: focusing on the main characteristics and mission […]

Customer services

Top tips of recruiting with AI integrated HR software

What is AI for recruitment? Artificial intelligence for recruitment is the application of artificial intelligence to talent acquisition. Machine Literacy can shortlist the ideal seeker and automate homemade tasks during the recruitment process. This technology is intended to automate or streamline a part of the reclamation workflow, particularly repetitious and […]