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You Are Using Business Intelligence Tools Wrong

Business Intelligence and analytics are two fields that should not be taken lightly. However, today’s digital world has given us access to more data than most organizations could ever handle. That’s why many of them are reaching out to IT outsourcing companies, and investing good money in BI software applications […]


Factors that Influence Business Negotiation

Negotiation is a skill that many believe is hard to acquire. It has been underappreciated for quite some time, until recently where its importance has been brought to the forefront of many businesses. We undergo negotiations in all aspects of life: the services we use, things we purchase, even what […]


3 Reasons Businesspeople Excel in Healthcare

Many people have exceptional business savvy yet struggle to capitalize on it successfully. There are a number of potential reasons this may be, but often it is a sign of a focus that is too narrow or an inability to think outside the box. Many businesspeople break through these barriers […]