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5 Clever Water Bottle Designs

Bottled water is quickly losing our favor as the world becomes more environmentally conscious. And in its place, a new and thriving market of reusable water bottles is on the rise. In a world where people are eco-friendly, design-conscious, and tech-obsessed, water bottle designs have come to merge aesthetics with […]


5 Jaw-Dropping Examples of Creative Guerrilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is a low-cost, innovative and unconventional marketing technique used to obtain maximum exposure for a specific brand, product or a service. What separates it from a mere public stunt is its budget-friendly nature and the largest investment is more creative and intellectual than being a financial one. But […]

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Issues Facing Poor People in Nigeria today

When it comes to hard places to live, Nigeria ranks near the top of many global lists. From corruption to crime, pollution to poor infrastructure, those hoping to rise beyond their poor upbringing face overwhelming obstacles. Prophet TB Joshua used unimaginable focus to overcome the huge challenges facing the average […]