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Why Are Kerala Weddings Synonymous to Extravaganza?

The state of Kerala is known as God’s own country for many things, including its natural beauty, beaches and backwaters, its hill stations, spices and Ayurveda. These are what the tourists find attractive. There are other things that are well known about its culture such as the Kerala weddings. Recently, […]

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Popular Temples of Udaipur

Not all people are aware that Udaipur is also famous for its temples. These temples are visited by thousands of tourists every year. Most of these temples were built by the Kings of Mewar dynasty and showcase their brilliant taste of design and architecture. We have compiled a list of […]


12 Most Beautiful Engagement Ring Trends

An eternal symbol of the love that you have for your future bride, the engagement ring that you choose should honour this importance. While a regular diamond ring from a store never fares too badly, there are far better ways to demonstrate the specialness of the bond between you. Shopping […]

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Have a peaceful holiday in Durg!

Durg is a city located in the state of Chattisgarh and is surrounded by hillocks in the northwest and southwest part of it. It is a major industrial town in this state, but at the same time, it has some beautiful places that the tourists must visit while traveling here. […]

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About Theatre Casters people in the theater audience know about the secret behind smooth transitions from one scene to another. This is actually a good thing since seamlessly transitioning between scenes keeps the magic of the production alive. A set decked out as a quaint cottage can become a magical forest in […]