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Top 10 Areas of Technology Innovation in 2023

Innovation refers to the process of creating new or improved products, processes, or ideas. It can involve the development of new technologies, the introduction of new business models, or the application of existing knowledge in new ways. Innovation is often seen as a key driver of economic growth and can […]


How has The COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerated Cloud Adoption

“Digital transformation” and “cloud adoption” have been buzzwords for the business world for the last few years. From enterprise-level organizations to small and medium businesses, it appears that every business is moving operations to the cloud and pivoting to adopt online productivity and collaboration services as they move forward. The […]


Understanding All There Is to Hybrid Cars

No one would have thought that a Ford Fusion and a Toyoda Prius would have anything in common, or what about a Chevrolet and Ford Fusion, or even a Porsche Cayenne. Yet, today, we see each of these cars mentioned, offers a hybrid powertrain option release. A hybrid powertrain is […]

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Why You Need a Dash Cam?

It seems like it wasn’t long ago that the only places where we saw dash cams were when we were sitting on our couch watching episodes of cops laughing as the police had to respond to a report of an alligator on the loose or whatever else. But, with the […]


Why Do Electric Cars Make Sense

With the advancement of the eco-friendly movements and the fact that all countries and individuals are aiming at a smaller carbon footprint, it’s no wonder electric cars are starting to become more and more popular with both the business and the private drivers. While the soft (or not so soft) […]


Can Hydrogen Cars Run on the Road in the Future?

Hydrogen cars seem to overcome the extensive technological challenges regarding production, consumption of hydrogen and fuel cells and transportation. In spite of this, hydrogen cars are likely to leave their well-earned place from the car world under the extreme political pressure within a few years. The major car brands have […]