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Living Life After Divorce

One of the most emotional and painful experiences you can go through in your life is a divorce. Filing for divorce requires you to go through some very painful things, the least of which is talking to divorce attorneys. You need to collect financial documents, split your assets, maybe even […]


Are You as Agile as a World Class Athlete?

Now that Rio is in full swing, everyone is talking about this year’s Games. Olympic years are always high points for athletes and sports enthusiasts the world over – there’s the thrill of the competition, the awe of seeing athletes at the top of their fields, and the special way […]


How to Get a Good Deal on a Car Loan

Every person dreams of purchasing a new car, but budget and lack of good deals often become a hindrance in these aspirations. Negotiating a good deal on a new purchase is just a cake walk, as compared to getting a good car loan. How get best deal on car loan? […]