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Top High-Tech Airports in the World

Nothing beats people-watching in airports. We especially love the eager tourists, the poor guys who are just tired of being suspected terrorists (as far as airport officials are concerned) and, of course, the D-List celebrities who can't be bothered to don anything that doesn't resemble sleepwear. Yes, we know, we're […]

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How to Prepare for a Flight in 2020

Almost everyone will feel a buzz of excitement when they have booked a vacation alone or with their loved ones. However, there could be a pang of dread when you think of the airport experience or a long-haul flight. With the world still battling the Covid-19 pandemic, it is also […]


Top 10 Reasons for Investing in Dubai Companies

Dubai has changed its image from a local trading community to an international level within a short span of time. Now entrepreneurs are looking forward to the oil country for trading, import, export, event management, hospitality, financial service, construction, tourism etc. There are many reasons for it. Through this article […]


Apple Watch Apps to Make Your Work Day Easier

While the first wave of interest in the Apple Watch came primarily from technology lovers keen to get their hands on the latest device released by the tech juggernaut, today many people around the world are keen to use the watch for business, not just personal use. Indeed, there are […]

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Top Attractions in Singapore

Even though it is small, Singapore is an economic powerhouse. For the past century, it has been the most modern country in Southeast Asia. It integrates Malay, Arab, English, Chinese and Indian cultures and religion. It has a unique ethnic tapestry that provides its visitors a wide range of exploration […]