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11 Tips to Improve Online Marketing in 2017

Last year was a year marked by changes in the position of Internet, and in 2016 we face now, the trend will continue along the same path. Everyone digital moves at a vertiginous speed, so holding hands is not the most recommended strategy, whether it is intended to maintain the […]


Top 7 Home Security Tips from a Locksmith

Standard home security is a necessity that many homeowners take for granted, with 4 burglaries happening every minute in the United States. Too often, families find themselves victims of a crime before thinking to invest in their home security. Criminals are smart and have unsuspecting ways of getting your information […]


Tips to Create Superb Videos Online

Videos on the internet are a powerful source of entertainment and dissemination of information. There are many, many reasons why a person would want to create videos online. Sometimes they are used as a marketing tool, sometimes people like creating them simply for the sake of the art, while plenty […]


Tips for Safety at the Workplace

Keeping the employees safe during their work time is one of the most important duties of every employer. It is straight connected with the workplace designing, maintaining the proper conditions and can be applied to every branch and every kind of work. Worker to feel good and work efficient need […]

Data security

How to enhance site security on the WordPress platform

With nearly 90,000 hacking attempts occurring every minute, one naturally questions, “What makes WordPress such a prime target for cyberattacks?” The answer lies in WordPress’s popularity. It powers approximately 43.2% of all websites, which makes it the most widely used content management system (CMS). Unfortunately, this widespread adoption also attracts […]