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Becoming Your Best-Developer-Self

The first thing you need to understand as a developer is that you will never stop learning and you will never stop growing. The very nature of this industry dictates that when you stop growing, you’ll die. That means it’s a constant learning curve. There are times when the learning […]


Google’s Algorithm Updates of the Decade

SEO is all about getting noticed online so that whatever you are selling – be it content, products or services – can be noticed so that you make your profits (whether monetary or recognition). Every SEO tactic and strategy has been developed around one thing, how search engines work. And […]


Five Steps to Becoming an Empowered Patient

Becoming an empowered patient can have a dramatic and direct effect on your health. Research has found that those who did patient empowerment programs experienced better outcomes within only a year. In the past, your relationship with your doctor would have been top heavy, with your specialists doling out treatments […]


Why a Vlog May Just Blow Up Your Business

At first instance, you might think a video blog (vlog) as being pretentious and time wasting right? However, be prepared to eat humble pie since video content is now taking over the world. Studies show 60% of internet users are more likely to watch a video rather than read your […]


Things You Can Do to Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

Broadband internet is getting faster and more reliable. Service providers are offering affordable packages with great speeds. Unfortunately, not all customers can enjoy the same level of connection quality and speed. Even worse, there are so many factors that can decrease the quality of your internet connection, from your distance […]

Travel and living

Best Pop-Ups in London this Winter

With pop-ups, literally, popping up everywhere it is no surprise that this winter there are plenty of exciting and new ones appearing in London. Although pop-ups have only gained popularity in the last couple of years they are fast becoming a regular fixture, particularly in large cities like London where consumers […]