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Effective Business Promotion Tactics

With almost every business having a website, competing for online attention is increasingly difficult. The best place to promote your brand is on your website. There are several website marketing techniques that will give you an edge over your competitors, the most effective ones being: Pay-per-click Pay-per-click (PPC) is a […]

soft skill

The Importance of Soft Skills in Business Leaders

Soft skills are a topic of hot debate. But what are they? Essentially, they refer to personality traits, language affinity, social grace, habits, optimism, and various other things. Good leaders have excellent soft skills, which complement their hard – technical – skills. Karen Phillips and Infor CEO Charles Phillips, mistress […]

Advertising Social media

Barbie on Social Media

Barbie are the most successful dolls in the world. Barbie is currently a billion dollar brand. It caters to all, from a 3yr old to grown-ups. Barbie has evolved to become and represent a modern woman, she is everyone starting from an astronaut to a mother. Barbie’s continued success can […]