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Great Gift Ideas for College Guys

Shopping for college guys can always be a bit of a chore – especially when all they seem to do is grunt at you. Stuck for gift ideas? You won’t be for long. From funny tees to Swiss Army knives, here are some great gift ideas for college-age guys. iPod […]


Must-Have Accessories for Pickup Owners

Pickup trucks are the workhorses of the vehicular world, a fact most folks can agree on. Indeed, most pickup owners bought their respective chariots for their functionality rather than for any kind of need to show off. And most people - truck owners or not - have at least one […]

Hardware Technology

The Most Insanely Looking Flash Drives

USB flash drives hold a vast amount of data that can be incredibly useful. In today's rapid growth of technology we need something really portable and handy that can be carried around anywhere which increases the probability of getting them damaged. But forget that! This article here talks about the […]

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Types of Multi Tools to Look at!

Whether you are a handyman who works primarily with tools, or just a person who is constantly doing work that requires multiple tools, at some point or another you will benefit from a multi tool. There are a ton of different multi tools available on the market regardless of what […]