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Mobile devices

Types of SIM Card Connectors

We cannot imagine a world without mobile phones. These little devices help us stay connected with each other in an age that is buzzing with digital noise. But these mobile phones wouldn't mean a thing if they didn't come with SIM cards. SIM is short for Subscriber Identity Module and […]

Debt and credit

How to Negotiate a Better Credit Card Rate

One of the most important features of your credit card is the interest rate—the percentage of your existing balance that you’ll pay in interest per year (though usually compounded more frequently). This rate plays a major role in determining how quickly you can pay off your debts, and how much […]

Personal finance

Deciphering Credit Card Billing Statements

It’s a safe bet your credit card statement doesn’t even register in the pantheon of your great reads. But when it comes to maintaining your financial health, it’s a document with which you should be well acquainted. In addition to keeping a running tally of your monthly expenditures, the information […]