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What A Meal On The Ketogenic Diet Looks Like

When people first read about the ketogenic diet, they have a lot of questions. To be honest, the principles of keto are almost mind blowing: eat high fat to lose fat…yeah… sure. But the cool thing is that there’s tons of science-based evidence behind the ketogenic diet and why it […]


Recommended Ways to Keep Your Diet on Track

Individuals who have successfully gone through a body transformation have a unique view of health. In the scope of a person’s life, weight loss is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. Emerging science is discovering reasons why sticking to a dietary plan can be so overwhelming. In reality, […]


How to Develop a Marathon Mind Set?

Marathon is not all about winning the race you need to be psychologically prepared and engaged. This is the reason why you have to undergo training for about 3 months before the marathon starts. You have to focus and be active on a daily basis focusing on the major day […]

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Keeping Your Mind in Shape

Earlier today, celebrated YA Author Maureen Johnson published a post about her experience with anxiety to her Tumblr. In that post, she talks about how common anxiety really is and–this is important–just how separate from the sufferer it can be. Just like depression, anxiety can lie to the person who suffers from […]


What is the Keto Diet?

There are so many different ways in which we can control and lose weight. The Keto diet is one of these ways. Originally used as a way to treat children with out-of-control epilepsy, the Keto diet is now also used to control weight loss for some people and can be […]