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How to Recycle Old Electronic Devices

Getting the latest gaming console, sleeker TV, updated laptop models, or more pixels in that DSLR camera, before anyone else does is the newfound agenda for all crazy gadget-freaks. And with the gadgets advancing steadily year by year, guess what happens to that chunk of your old discarded devices that […]

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Life-Changing Gadgets to Look for in 2016

Consumer Electronics Show 2016 took place just recently and the major highlights were the technology trends and the gadgets which are to be released this year. As we think of the recent years, there wasn't much difference in the show's big themes, though it stressed on ideas like the smart […]


Which GoPro Camera Takes the Best Videos?

GoPro cameras have exploded onto the photography scene after rising to popularity in extreme sports videos shot from the device's signature perspective. While the top flight GoPro Black and Silver represent some of the most dynamic camera equipment on the market, there's a model for everyone from the casual cameraman […]

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A Review of CUBOT S222 Smartphone

In today’s ever-growing dependency on social media and those devices catered to social media, especially smart phones which offer high resolution still shots as well as video capturing capabilities, consumers are encouraged not to settle for anything but the best. The CUBOT S222 13 megapixel smart phone offers capabilities not […]


Unusual Places on Earth Having Wi-Fi

We live in a world where wireless connectivity seems to be everywhere- in the cafes, schools, parks, airports, and libraries. The strange fact is that most of these places offer free Wi-Fi. It has become such an accepted service that we hardly get amazed when we find completely free Wi-Fi […]