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How to build your own DC to AC power inverter?

Power inverter circuits (commonly referred to as power inverters) convert DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current) electrical energy. The majority of power inverters produced for the United States converts an input source of 12 volts direct current into 120 volts at the outlet of the inverter. There are a […]

Business planning

Common Questions in Strategic Planning

There are seven key questions in strategic planning, both for you and for your business. These are questions that you need to ask and answer over and over, throughout your career. Sometimes a new answer to any of these questions can dramatically change the direction of your business and your […]


IOS and Android Apps for Cats

A smartphone is pretty personal thing, but a tablet is not the same, and it is frequently used by several people at the same time, sometimes a whole family. "If you allow your husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother or child to use your tablet, why not to give this right to […]