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Why You Need a Dash Cam?

It seems like it wasn’t long ago that the only places where we saw dash cams were when we were sitting on our couch watching episodes of cops laughing as the police had to respond to a report of an alligator on the loose or whatever else. But, with the […]


7 Reasons You Should Own a Dashcam

How Does a Dashcam Work? A dashcam—which is more formally called a dashboard camera—is a simple device with only three components: a video camera, power inputs that are hard-wired to the ignition of a car, and a removable solid state memory card to store the footage. They are designed to power on automatically when the car […]

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Various Car Technologies for Traffic Safety

The aspect of traffic safety has definitely evolved in the past decades. Seat belts are what started it all, protecting drivers and passengers from getting injured in the event of road collisions. Later on, airbags provided even more protection for people behind the wheel. Things have changed since then, with […]


From Fashion to Furniture: What is Silk Used For?

Shimmering, iridescent and sumptuous – silk is a material that is synonymous with luxury. We sleep on silken sheets at the most exclusive hotels and, in our most Hollywood-esque moments, we lounge by the poolside in silk robes. However we embrace silk, it’s almost certainly during a moment of glamour […]